Text or email?

Get text or email notifications the day of your service

Wouldn't it be nice if your landscape company would send a text or an email the day of your maintenance?

At Enchanted Landscape and Pools we will send out a text or email the day of your service so you can unlock your gate, put the dogs up, or just be reminded that you have a service scheduled.

6 more amazing benefits from a landscape company

Double Gate Check Promise

Double gate check promise

We will always double check your gate to make sure it is secure and latched for you. You shouldn't have to worry about us leaving your gate open after any service.

General Liability Insurance

Insured lawn care provider

We carry insurance so you don't have to worry. When you hire Enchanted Landscape and Pools, you hire peace of mind knowing that you are protected.

No Contracts

No contracts

We don't require you to sign an annual contract or prepay for your maintenance services. You only pay for the service after it has been completed.

Easy Payment Option

Accepts Debit or Credit cards

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards so you never have wait to give us a check or cash. At Enchanted Landscape and Pools we are PCI compliant to protect you!  

Competitive Prices

Competitive prices

When it comes to a service company you want a company that stands behind what they say, at Enchanted Landscape and Pools we strive to give you value for your hard earned money. Providing Landscape in Gilbert and Chandler

Easy Estimate Options

Easy estimate options

If you can't make the appointment, don't worry. The majority of our estimates can be done without you having to be there. We will send out our estimator to evaluate your property and email you a quote. 

About Us

Landscape and Pool service available

Enchanted Landscape and Pools in Chandler, Arizona

Your property only gets one chance to make a good first impression. If your lawn and yard could use some work, Enchanted Landscape & Pools can help we take pride in lawn care in Gilbert. As you leading lawn care in Chandler, Gilbert, Az. Our goal is to make sure your property looks it's very best by providing a variety of landscaping services and maintenance. For the best landscape service in Chandler, Az Call Enchanted Landscape and Pools landscape maintenance team to help. First impressions are as important for houses as they are for people. If you are considering selling, The quality of your landscape can add up to 20% of value to your home.  

Landscape Maintenance in Gilbert, AZ

Landscape Maintenance, & Pool Service Solutions in Gilbert, Arizona

Maintaining a yard and lawn takes dedication and skill, and the larger your Chandler, Az property, the more attention it will need. Many working people don't have the time or equipment necessary for proper maintenance, and that's where we come in. We offer a variety of landscaping services to suit your needs. From basic mowing to paver walkways and irrigation installation, we'll keep your property looking beautiful and groomed. Landscaping is the first thing that people see, make a great first impression by having Enchanted Landscape and Pools come out and work with you to keep your property looking it's very best. 

Pool Maintenance Service in Gilbert, AZ

A Worthwhile investment for any property

Hiring a landscaper means making an ongoing investment in your property. You deserve to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, and in Chandler, and Gilbert your curb appeal can go a long way when you're looking to sell. A professionally landscaped property is a sure ticket toquick resale. It gives a home curb appeal, a sense of place and value. Landscaping services from Enchanted Landscape & Pools can increase the value of your property while enabling you to take pride in your investment. The return you get in a peace of mind is something that's priceless. A good investment in your home grows with your family. 

Enchanted Landscape and Pools