Landscape Maintenance Service In Chandler And Gilbert

Landscape Maintenance in Gilbert, Arizona

Weekly & Bi-weekly Landscape Maintenance

  • Enchanted Landscape and Pools will give you a set day each week when we will service your property. There is no set time that we will arrive but you can rest assured that we will be there on the day we have you scheduled.

Here is a list of what we normally do each visit.

  • Trim and shape plants as needed (up to 6 feet tall) 
  • Trees are trimmed from a standing level only (With Trimmer) for 6-8 Ft clearance
  • Remove and or spray weeds in gravel
  • Blow off property, walkways, and driveway  
  • Mow and edge the lawn (if applicable)
  • Rake rocks (as needed) 
  • Remove and haul away all green waste created by service
  • Visually inspect irrigation for minor issues such as missing emitters, broken sprinklers, leaks, etc. 
  • Visually inspect trees and report to our office
  • Timers are adjusted as needed
  • If the crews notice a problem they will report it to our office and we will notify you. 
  • With your permission we will schedule the repair.

Landscape Maintenance with Enchanted Landscape and Pools made easy for you to enjoy your busy life. Let us handle all your lawn care needs.


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